inFOCUS | Findings Fall 2008 | University Michigan School of Public Health


  • Lung Cancer Survival

    Lung Cancer Survival

    A study shows that gene-expression data can help predict survival rates for patients with lung cancer.

  • Calcium & Pregnancy & Lead

    Calcium & Pregnancy & Lead

    Pregnant women who take high levels of daily calcium supplements show a marked reduction in lead levels in their blood, suggesting calcium could play a critical role in reducing fetal and infant exposure.

  • Environmental Change/Ecuador

    Environmental Change/Ecuador

    For approximately 150 coastal villages that sit in northern Ecuador at the base of the Choco rainforest, a new road system has meant an influx of new people, easier access to big cities and neighboring villages.

  • Medication Adherence

    Medication Adherence

    In recent years, drug costs in the United States and most other industrialized countries have soared, and that has policymakers worried, because even a small increase in price can lead patients to reduce their adherence to prescribed medications.

  • Breast Cancer as Chronic Disease

    Breast Cancer as Chronic Disease

    Survival rates for all cancers have risen steadily in the past three years, and that's good news for the nearly 1.5 million Americans who were diagnosed with cancer last year.