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Research News

  • Hefty People, Healthy Hearts

    Hefty People, Healthy Hearts

    Many obese Americans may have much less heart disease risk than is widely believed and conversely, about one fourth of normal-weight individuals could have a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors.

  • Statins & Memory Loss

    Statins & Memory Loss

    People who took cholesterol-lowering statins are half as likely to develop dementia as those who do not take statins, a new UM study shows.

  • Pollution & Stroke Risk

    Pollution & Stroke Risk

    Short-term exposure to low levels of particulate air pollution may increase the risk of stroke or mini-stroke, according to findings that suggest current exposure standards could be insufficient to protect the public.

  • Cadmium Linked to Lung Disease

    Cadmium Linked to Lung Disease

    New research suggests that cadmium is one of the critical ingredients causing emphysema, and even low-level exposure attained through second-hand smoke and other means may also increase the chance of developing lung disease.