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Alumni News

  • Jobs: First & High-Flying

    Jobs: First & High-Flying

    Christiana Shoushtari's first job after completing her MPH put her in the thick of the debate over health care reform, as a health legislative correspondent for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

  • Covering the Swine Flu Story

    Covering the Swine Flu Story

    As the Atlanta-based medical correspondent for one of the world's largest news organizations, Associated Press writer Mike Stobbe, M.P.H. '94, was on the front lines when the H1N1 virus story broke last spring.

  • Dreams of Accessibility & Peace

    Dreams of Accessibility & Peace

    Each year the National Organization on Disability honors one American city for its efforts to provide accessibility and opportunity to people with disabilities.

  • Virtual Class Reunion: 1984

    Virtual Class Reunion: 1984

    Twenty-five years ago, in that most Orwellian of years, Apple introduced the first Macintosh, Torvill and Dean won gold in Sarajevo (remember Bolero?), and during a voice check for a radio broadcast, United States President Ronald Reagan joked that he'd just signed legislation outlawing Russia "forever.

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