American Dreams | Findings Fall 2009 | University Michigan School of Public Health

American Dreams

  • From the Dean: Dreams Come True

    From the Dean: Dreams Come True

    Dreams. We all have them, both personal and professional. They define much of our hope for the future and, as realized dreams, our contentment with the present and the past.

  • The Whole Child

    The Whole Child

    The founder of the Children's Defense Fund calls on the public health community to help realize the dream of health, hope, and prosperity for all of America's children.

  • Hourglass Nation

    Hourglass Nation

    Has America become a country without a viable middle, where people either rise to the top or sink to the bottom? And if we have, asks George Kaplan, who's spent the past 30 years studying the impact of social inequalities on human health, are we willing to stay that way?

  • Michigan Dreams

    Michigan Dreams

    Michigan has been hit hard during America's economic downturn. Like a slow-moving tsunami, trouble began arriving here years ago, as manufacturing (particularly the auto industry) downsized painfully.

  • Vanishing Act: Smoke-Free UM

    Vanishing Act: Smoke-Free UM

    In April, President Mary Sue Coleman announced that the University of Michigan will go smoke-free in 2011. Now come the tough decisions.