Ho at Cleveland Clinic [East]

Ho at Cleveland Clinic [East]

Ho at Cleveland Clinic Adu Dhabi

When this storybook image becomes a reality in 2012, Jenny Ho, MPH and MHSA, '00, will be one proud woman. She's been working in Abu Dhabi since 2009 to help turn this designer's rendering of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi into a fully functioning, 364-bed hospital and clinic in the largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. Cleveland Clinic partnered with Mubadala Healthcare to develop a facility that "will transform health care in the Middle East," says Ho, 37, who left her previous job with Mayo Clinic in Arizona in order to take this position.

"I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to live and work internationally," she says of the decision that sent her to Abu Dhabi last year, along with her husband, Jeff, and their cat, Zoe. Ho describes her new home as progressive, culturally diverse, extremely welcoming, and packed with high-rises, traffic, and pedestrians—a little bit like Manhattan. And because it's an island, the beaches are "beautiful," she adds.

As one of several project managers for the clinic, Ho is helping to develop policies and procedures in the areas of human relations and marketing and communications and to draft and implement a staffing plan for the facility at large—everything from facilities workers to nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. To date, the organization has hired about 50 staff members, most of them from other countries. Ho says one of the great things about the project is that she gets to "interact and collaborate with people from all over the world." Her SPH education, she adds, has been a huge help, because it taught her "about other cultures and different organizations."

Led by Western-trained, North American board-certified (or equivalent) physicians, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is organized around five clinical institutes—digestive disease, eye, heart and vascular, neurological, and respiratory and critical care. The arrangement allows health care professionals who don't normally work together to "join forces and better deliver care," Ho says. Cleveland Clinic also manages operations at a large public hospital in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Together, the two institutions are revolutionizing health care by bringing the Cleveland Clinic model of care to Abu Dhabi, setting new standards for quality and patient safety, and providing viable alternatives for Emiratis who now routinely travel to the U.S. for their medical needs. "As our Chief Operating Officer likes to put it," Ho says, "we're building a world-class facility worthy of a world-class capital city." <

For more on Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi visit my.clevelandclinic.org/services/global-health-center/international-collaboration.