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On The Heights

  • Obama & CDC's Frieden: UM '10

    Obama & CDC's Frieden: UM '10

    SPH Associate Professor Richard Lichtenstein took the above left photo during the University of Michigan spring commencement ceremonies at Michigan Stadium.

  • Summer Interns' Window Views

    Summer Interns' Window Views

    Every year, nearly 200 SPH students take to the skies, roads, rivers, and seas as part of the school's vast summer internship program. The experience gives them vital knowledge and connections, and, as these images from some of 2010's interns attest, provides both a figurative and literal window on the world.

  • Lessons from Deepwater Horizon

    Lessons from Deepwater Horizon

    Beyond the Obvious: Lessons from Deepwater Horizon is an op-ed essay by Andrew D. Maynard, the director of UM's Risk Science Center.

  • PUBHLTH 200 & an Old Lab

    PUBHLTH 200 & an Old Lab

    When it opened on central campus in 1889, the UM Hygienic Laboratory was the first of its kind in the nation. A few years earlier, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch had shown the world "that germs were man's deadliest enemies" (in the words of a reporter for the Michigan Alumnus), and the new lab placed Michigan at the forefront of the budding science of bacteriology.

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    As the new associate director for research and methodology for the U.S. Census Bureau, SPH biostatistician Roderick Little will lead a directorate focused on enhancing the bureau's research and innovation capacity