The Power of Place | Findings Fall 2010 | University Michigan School of Public Health

The Power of Place

  • From the Dean: The Power of this Place

    From the Dean: The Power of this Place

    This issue's theme, "The Power of Place," evokes any number of connotations and indeed contemplation. As I conclude my term as dean, I trust you will permit me the indulgence of devoting this, my final column, to ruminations on the one place we all share, the School of Public Health.

  • Collaboration's Many Branches

    Collaboration's Many Branches

    Every year, nearly 200 SPH students take to the skies, roads, rivers, and seas as part of the school's vast summer internship program. The experience gives them vital knowledge and connections, and, as these images from some of 2010's interns attest, provides both a figurative and literal window on the world.

  • Our Town: Tecumseh

    Our Town: Tecumseh

    Yes, said Jody Gray, an administrator in the Department of Epidemiology, she had the reprints. She hauled two old cardboard boxes out of storage, lugged them to a table in an empty conference room in SPH I, and flicked on the lights.

  • Where We Live: Neighborhoods

    Where We Live: Neighborhoods

    When a farmer's market opens in a neighborhood, things change. It's not just the sudden availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, although that;s important, says School of Public Health epidemiologist Ana Diez Roux.

  • The Peace Corps Changes Lives

    The Peace Corps Changes Lives

    On October 14, 1960, John F. Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries. Fifty years later, his vision is still transforming lives.