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Research News

  • China: Fighting Infectious Disease

    China: Fighting Infectious Disease

    Although many countries in the Pan Asian Pacific region have made enormous strides towards eliminating measles, China continues to struggle with control of the disease.

  • Kenya: Mosquito Nets for Rural Areas

    Kenya: Mosquito Nets for Rural Areas

    When it comes to preventing the spread of malaria in urban areas, factors such as house construction and the use of anti-mosquito coils are important--but perhaps not as important as where someone spends the night, says Mark Wilson, UM professor of epidemiology and ecology and evolutionary biology.

  • Roadways: Air Pollution & Health

    Roadways: Air Pollution & Health

    Like many cities, Ann Arbor is surrounded by freeways--a fact that may affect the health of some Ann Arborites, says Sara Adar, a research assistant professor of epidemiology who studies air pollution.

  • Europe: Public Health Plans

    Europe: Public Health Plans

    When the H1N1 influenza pandemic broke out two years ago, the 27 member nations of the European Union found themselves in some disarray.

  • Mexico & Caribbean: Migrations

    Mexico & Caribbean: Migrations

    Not long ago, "north" in Mexico meant well-to-do. A land of cattle and crops, northern Mexico was not only wealthier than other provinces in the country--it was also healthier.