Student Snapshot

Student Snapshot

“I love getting up in the dark and getting all bundled up and walking to yoga in the morning. It’s very quiet and peaceful—the darkness is very introspective. I practice three days a week in a second-floor studio on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor [Phoenix Center]. We practice Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga. There’s a set sequence we all memorize and do on our own at our own pace. Our teacher comes around and adjusts us individually.

“I get there about seven a.m. We practice pretty much in silence. In winter it’s dark outside, and cold. Inside the studio the lights and space heaters are on. Halfway through, it starts to get light, and by the time I’m done at 8:30 it’s fully bright, and people outside are up and going to work and getting coffee. After I finish, I go home and get ready for class.

“I started practicing yoga when I was 16. Later I spent four months in India. I went to an ashram, to a yoga university, to a little yoga studio on the beach, to a ten-day silent meditation retreat, and I traveled all over the country. It changed my life.”

—By Allison O’Donnell, second-year M.H.S.A. student, health management and policy

Another Student Stress Buster!

soccerIn a literal kickoff to the first day of classes, a dozen SPH students took to the soccer field for a scrimmage with students from the UM Med School. Bri Meek, an SPH first-year student in Human Nutrition, who is kicking the ball in the photo above, organized the match.

Meek says sports are a perfect way to alleviate stress. "In terms of physiology and anatomy, we know the hormone rush is healthy. But also getting out and meeting new people is really rejuvenating."

Soccer games have continued into the fall.