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Research News

  • Measuring Stress

    Measuring Stress

    If we can develop methods that can be applied in the same way for everybody, we could measure stress in much the same way we measure cholesterol levels,” says Brisa Sánchez.

  • Body & Society

    Body & Society

    Time and again, research shows that stress is not just in our minds but in our bodies, as Amy Schulz.

  • Need & Help

    Need & Help

    College is a stressful time, and the stressors that besiege college students —classes, social life, extracurricular activities, jobs, parental pressure—can lead to sleep deprivation and other unhealthy behaviors, which in turn can exacerbate stress.

  • In Limbo

    In Limbo

    As researchers try to gauge the health impact of the recession, some are turning to Detroit for clues. The Michigan city has long grappled with many of the problems that now afflict the country at large, says Sarah Burgard.