A World of Good

A World of Good

In the summer of 2011, Priscila Bercea, M.P.H. '12, undertook a three-month internship in rural Kenya with Global Hope Network International, an emergency relief and development organization that works with the world's "hidden and hurting." Bercea conducted a health assessment in four villages near Isiolo, a desert town not far from the Somali border, and helped train community health workers. As her photographs, shown here, suggest, Bercea's work was also part of a broader project—the deepening of human relationships across geographic, cultural, social, and economic divides.

Internships like this, says Bercea's SPH advisor Mark Wilson, professor of epidemiology, exemplify current approaches to global health, where the emphasis is on partnerships among academic, government, NGO, and community entities, and the goal is to develop sustainable solutions to complex health issues.

Tom Robins, director of Global Public Health at SPH, says experiences like Bercea's are crucial to the training students receive at Michigan. "This kind of global work gives students a much broader picture of what's going on," he says, "both in terms of health effects, but especially in terms of policies and solutions. It gives them a larger universe of solutions and approaches to consider, both at home and abroad."

  • Habari-Hello


  • Atii kids-new backpacks!

    Atii kids-new backpacks!

  • Mobile-baby to breast right away

    Mobile-baby to breast right away

  • Water Pump-Boy smiles

    Water Pump-Boy smiles

  • Translation-learning to type

    Translation-learning to type

  • July 6 183

    July 6 183

  • Precious feet-of Atii grandma

    Precious feet-of Atii grandma

  • Women are NOT property

    Women are NOT property

  • African fruit and veggies

    African fruit and veggies

  • Mobile clinic

    Mobile clinic

  • interviews-Hassan


  • Mosque-speakers and artsy

    Mosque-speakers and artsy

  • Samburu colors

    Samburu colors

  • Best shot of a sleeping elder

    Best shot of a sleeping elder

  • Old Atii momma

    Old Atii momma

  • Gambella school tin sheat latrine-private

    Gambella school tin sheat latrine-private

  • LMD case-getting names

    LMD case-getting names

  • How in tree

    How in tree

Unless otherwise noted, photography by Priscila Bercea