Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

A balmy May 2 brought out the whimsy in the U-M SPH class of 2013, whose 413 members included physician Johmarx Patton—the first-ever recipient of a U-M Master of Health Informatics degree. If footwear is anything to go by, the school’s newest alumni have both substance and style (though the public health implications of some choices may warrant further study).

More photos available via our 2013 U-M SPH Graduation web page.

A Sampling of the Shoes Worn at Graduation

black canvas shoes black stilettos clodhoppers cowboy boots leopard skin pink open-toed pink fringe white straps yellow bukles

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Over lunch shortly after graduation, mother and daughter—and fellow members of the SPH Class of ’13—Charlene Babcock and Marie Kotenko reminisced about the past two years, during which Babcock, an MD, completed her MS in the school’s executive education program in clinical research design and analysis, while Kotenko, a soon-to-be medical student at Michigan State University, earned her MPH in environmental health sciences.

Charlene: I was the oldest person in my class. A lot of times when I questioned if I could do it, Marie told me, “You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.”

Marie: I often thought, “If my mom can do it, I can do it.”

Charlene: I got all As.

Marie: She pushed me. If she’s getting all As, I thought, I can too.

Charlene: It was a little bit of a competition.

Marie: She’d text me scores, and I’d text her mine.

Charlene: We’d both celebrate.

Marie: I had questions in biostats, and by then she was so far ahead it was really easy to ask.

Charlene: I had questions about computer issues, and she helped me.

Marie: Graduation was so fun.

Charlene: Graduation was really cool.

Marie: (Pause) I’m going to miss it all.

Charlene: (Pause) Me too.