On The Heights | Findings Fall 2013 | University of Michigan School of Public Health

On The Heights

  • Best Foot Forward

    Best Foot Forward

    If footwear is anything to go by, the school's newest alumni have both substance and style (though the public health implications of some choices may warrant further study).

  • The SPH Teaching Lab

    The SPH Teaching Lab

    Newly renovated last year, the SPH Teaching Lab introduces approximately 25 students a year to general microbiology and gives them hands-on practice with the characterization of microorganisms, biochemical and genetic testing, growing and evaluating biofilms, broad sociomicrobiological concepts and techniques, and the role of polymicrobial communities in health and disease.

  • To Retire - or Not?

    To Retire - or Not?

    "My advice is to work as long as you can--persist!" Arnold Monto, Thomas Francis Jr. Collegiate Professor of Public Health

  • Point/Counterpoint: The Choices We Make/The Money We Save

    Point/Counterpoint: The Choices We Make/The Money We Save

    Recently I signed up for a program at my local Y for people over 50, called "You've Still Got It." The title says much about our current emphasis on "successful or optimal aging."

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    In more than one way, second-year SPH student Sarah Lindenauer is following in the footsteps of her grandmother Marilyn Lindenauer, an SPH alumna (MPH '76).