A Guide to Thriving | Findings Fall 2013 | University of Michigan School of Public Health

A Guide to Thriving

  • Introduction


    This special section of Findings offers a whole-body, whole-life approach to health as we age. So much of what we're told about health and healthy aging is negative and/or punitive: Stop smoking, stop eating fat, exercise more.

  • Meaning


    Some type of meaning is embedded in everything we do, whether we realize it or not. Public health can--and should--leverage this idea.

  • Energy Optimization

    Energy Optimization

    Imagine what would happen if we considered our bodies as energy centers that need to be maintained, managed, and fueled on a regular basis in order to better enjoy and succeed at what we care about most.

  • Relationships


    When it comes to health, communities matter. In fact, research shows that the stronger our communities are, the better our health outcomes tend to be

  • Mindfulness


    Mindfulness might sound like something only yogis should care about. But that assumption is dead wrong. We arrive at destinations without any memory of driving there.