SPH Digest

SPH Digest

Ann Arbor Named to List of Least-stressed Cities

Ann Arbor has made Huffington Post's list of America's top-ten least-stressed cities. In fact, every city on the list is home to a major public university. Says HuffPo: "Universities typically provide stable employment with good wages and reasonable work hours. The cost of living in college towns is generally low, despite a relatively high quality of life." And Midwestern towns - which account for eight of the ten cities on the list - "are generally known for their laid-back lifestyle."

Eden Wells Becomes Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Executive 

Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology (and SPH alumna) Eden Wells, MD, MPH, has joined the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as chief medical executive. She's the latest in a long line of faculty to provide service to the state of Michigan, among them Matthew Davis, professor of health management and policy and pediatrics and public policy, Wells's predecessor as chief medical executive. Wells continues to direct the school's Preventive Medicine Residency and to teach applied epidemiology for public health practice.

Rashid Bashshur issued ATA Medal Distinguished Service Award

During its 20th Annual Meeting and Trade Show in May, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) created and issued a special award, the ATA Medal Distinguished Service Award, to SPH Professor Emeritus Rashid Bashshur, whose contributions to both medicine and telemedicine are "of historic proportions," the association said. "We envision this to be one of the ATA's highest awards, to be presented on occasion (not annually) to an individual for the highest level of achievement in the telemedicine and telehealth field."

Richard Lichtenstein awarded 2015 Gary L. Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership

SPH Professor Richard Lichtenstein has received the 2015 Gary L. Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership from the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. Lichtenstein is founder and director of U-M's Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), an internship program for undergraduate students interested in eliminating health disparities.