A Winning Lifestyle

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From left to right: Geoffrey Emberling (U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology), David Olson (U-M Medical School), Martin Myers (U-M Medical School), Sara Gronewald (coach), Peter Mancuso (SPH), and in front, coxswain Leisa Thompson (photographer for U-M Law School and U-M Cardiovascular Center).

SPH Associate Professor Peter Mancuso and a team of fellow U-M employees took first place at the 2016 US Rowing Masters National Championships in the Men's 4 with Coxwain 50-54 age group. Mancuso, a member of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, has been rowing since graduate school and even met his wife through a rowing club. From April to October, he's on Ann Arbor's Huron River with his teammates by 5:30 a.m. Off-season, they train indoors. Besides the camaraderie of the sport, Mancuso likes the fact that rowing reinforces his SPH research and teaching. "We promote this healthy lifestyle, right? Part of that is to engage in physical activity that we enjoy," he says. "Mind, body, and spirit. Practice what you preach.