Research Update | Findings Spring 2006 | University Michigan School of Public Health

Research Update

  • Novel Diabetes Medication Program

    Novel Diabetes Medication Program

    Beginning July 1, University of Michigan employees and their dependents who have any form of diabetes will be charged no co-pay for certain drugs that control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, cut the risk of heart and kidney problems, and ease depression.

  • What Katrina Can Teach Us

    What Katrina Can Teach Us

    Gregory Button made his first trip to the Gulf Coast in September, and he's been back more than a dozen times since then to assess the needs, both met and unmet, of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

  • National Study of Nursing Homes

    National Study of Nursing Homes

    With the population of the United States aging rapidly, it’s more important than ever that we devise a systematic way of analyzing nursing homes, says Brant Fries, an innovator in the assessment of nursing home residents.

  • Improving Laryngeal Cancer Survival

    Improving Laryngeal Cancer Survival

    Last year, nearly 10,000 Americans were diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, or voice box.