inFOCUS | Findings Spring 2007 | University Michigan School of Public Health


  • CANCER, internationally

    CANCER, internationally

    With their unique contrasts in lifestyles and environmental exposures, developing countries offer researchers an incomparable chance to learn how cancer develops.

  • ANTHRAX, genetics for drugs

    ANTHRAX, genetics for drugs

    Gene research may lead to new drugs and vaccines that can prevent anthrax infection or minimize its effects.

  • DDT, danger vs. malaria

    DDT, danger vs. malaria

    Nothing counters malaria like DDT, and so various countries have resumed using the pesticide--despite the fact that its long-term side effects are still unknown.

  • TEEN SMOKING, by location

    TEEN SMOKING, by location

    Researchers have found that when it comes to preventing young people from smoking, location may be key.

  • PATIENT DATA, electronically

    PATIENT DATA, electronically

    A new system promises to streamline billing, raise reimbursement rates, reduce medical error, and improve quality.