Troubled Waters| Findings Spring 2007 | University Michigan School of Public Health

Troubled Waters

  • From the Dean: Research IMBY

    From the Dean: Research IMBY

    Everyone knows the expression "NIMBY," Not in My Back Yard. Yes, we need a new sanitary dump. . . but don't locate it near my town. A new power plant?

  • Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study

    Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study

    It's customary for scientists to remain emotionally detached from the human subjects ultimately impacted by their findings. In many cases, and rightly so, science is about as emotional as a starched white lab coat.

  • Dr. Gilsdorf's Season in Hell

    Dr. Gilsdorf's Season in Hell

    About 15 years ago, pediatrician Janet Gilsdorf began writing to express the extraordinary things she witnesses while caring for very sick children.

  • Tools of the Trade

    Tools of the Trade

    In 1854, an ordinary water pump led physician John Snow to discover the source of a deadly cholera outbreak in London. The tools of the public health profession are not always so simple, but in their ability to help researchers unlock the mysteries of human health and disease, they're every bit as marvelous.