Our Quest for Care | Findings Spring 2008 | University Michigan School of Public Health

Our Quest for Care

  • From the Dean: Putting the Health in Health Care

    From the Dean: Putting the Health in Health Care

    In this presidential election season, we see a renewed focus on the persistent issue of what to do about our broken health care system.

  • Busted: Health Care Myths

    Busted: Health Care Myths

    No matter how hard we try, we can't seem to fix it. Our dysfunctional health care system (many would dispute the term "system") has been at the heart of political debate since at least the 1910s, when the American Association for Labor Legislation organized the first national conference on "social insurance."

  • One Day of Alzheimer's

    One Day of Alzheimer's

    Greg Pleva hasn't conversed with his wife, Lucy, in nine years, but in some ways, he knows her more intimately than most spouses ever will.

  • A Patient's Story of Pain

    A Patient's Story of Pain

    On an afternoon in May 1998, I was riding my motorcycle through the countryside near Ann Arbor when a pickup truck suddenly crossed the center line and crashed into me head-on. If I had not been wearing a helmet, I would have died.