inFocus | Findings Spring 2008 | University Michigan School of Public Health


  • Clinical Trials

    Clinical Trials

    To the extent that our lives depend on drugs like Lipitor and on procedures like MRIs, they also depend on clinical trials--the experiments by which scientists ultimately prove the safety and efficacy of medications and treatments.

  • Maternal Mortality

    Maternal Mortality

    Without inventing a single new drug or technology, hundreds of thousands of women's lives can be saved.

  • Arctic Pollution

    Arctic Pollution

    Mercury levels in polar bears reveal a growing threat to human health.

  • Mapping Health

    Mapping Health

    Geographic information systems and modeling techniques help show how local resources can benefit health.

  • Heart Disease in Women

    Heart Disease in Women

    Heart disease, a leading cause of death among women, requires different management strategies for women than it does for men.