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Observatory News

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    During her tenure as administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Todd Whitman came in for her share of controversy--especially when she chose to delay new regulations on arsenic levels in water in order to get a better risk assessment of the available data.

  • Monto Advises China on Flu

    Monto Advises China on Flu

    On an informal basis, Arnold Monto has been working with Chinese health officials for the past 20 years to help stem the tide of lethal diseases like SARS and avian influenza.

  • Gift to Mark an Anniversary

    Gift to Mark an Anniversary

    Few Americans spend 30 years in one city, let alone 30 years with the same employer. Sue Crawford has done both, and it's one of the things that makes her special.

  • Student Activities

    Student Activities

    SPH students spend their time between classes doing pretty much what you'd expect: checking e-mail, talking to friends, studying and eating.

  • QA: Facilities' Jim Kennedy

    QA: Facilities' Jim Kennedy

    You've spent the last five years overseeing the construction and renovation of the new SPH facility. That's more than 450,000 square feet of responsibility. What's the toughest thing about the job?

  • From the Archives: Sinai & SS

    From the Archives: Sinai & SS

    Colleagues would remember him as a "tireless scholar and researcher," an "imaginative academician," a "world health statesman," and a "one-man school of public health."