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Observatory News

  • What's for Lunch

    What's for Lunch

    You might think a peanut butter sandwich and an apple would do the trick, but when we asked the current crop of SPH students what they bring to school for lunch, we found the answers to be a whole lot more complicated--and intriguing--than that.

  • Archives: Kellogg Legacy

    Archives: Kellogg Legacy

    Among the nearly 30,000 items in the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive at the University of Michigan Clements Library are dozens of books, pamphlets, recipes, and guides by and about John Harvey Kellogg, his wife, Ella, and his brother W.K., founder of the Kellogg Company.

  • Rethinking Thin

    Rethinking Thin

    New York Times science writer Gina Kolata discussed her new book, Rethinking Thin, at this year's University of Michigan Motorola Lecture, presented by the UM Institute for Research on Women and Gender and the Department of Women's Studies and co-sponsored by SPH, among others.

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that the morality of a society could be measured by how it treats its children.