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Research News

  • Prenatal


    Can we compensate for environmental exposures that happen to us in utero? Research by Dana Dolinoy, assistant professor of environmental health sciences, suggests we can--if we eat right.

  • Childhood


    Thirty to 40 percent of American kids are overweight. Pediatricians keep telling us they don't know what to do--they don't believe what's out there works. So we're attempting to give them some new counseling skills.

  • Adolescence


    At first glance, a cell phone may not seem like the most effective tool for helping adolescents take off weight, but pediatrician Susan Woolford, MPH '06, medical director of the UM Pediatric Comprehensive Weight Management Center, is betting otherwise.

  • Midlife


    We find that men in general tend to eat less healthily than women, and men of color tend to eat less healthily than white men. So in the struggle to change those norms, you need to ask who controls what men eat, as well as their access to food. What's the social and cultural significance of the food they eat?

  • To Old Age

    To Old Age

    Scientists have long understood that air pollution contributes to cardiovascular disease, but they haven't been able to pinpoint exactly how the damage happens.