Health, Human Rights, Social Justice | Findings Spring 2011 | University of Michigan School of Public Health

Health, Human Rights, Social Justice

  • From the Dean: The Acid Test

    From the Dean: The Acid Test

    I had been on the faculty of the School of Public Health for a couple of years when, in the late 1990s, I was asked to be part of a new interdisciplinary center aimed at developing interventions to improve the lives of children with asthma--a disease that disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable.

  • Rape in the Congo

    Rape in the Congo

    In a conflict so long and brutal it's been called "Africa's world war," sexual violence has become a weapon of mass destruction.

  • Hard Science and a Mine

    Hard Science and a Mine

    Despite their determination to steer clear of politics, SPH researchers Howard Hu and Niladri Basu found themselves mired in controversy when they set out to investigate reports of mysterious health symptoms near a gold and silver mine in western Guatemala.

  • Hooked on Haiti

    Hooked on Haiti

    The Western Hemisphere's poorest nation is plagued by poverty, violence, and disease. But for 2 SPH grads (described below and at right), Haiti is a place of hope, and they can't stay away.

  • Called to Action

    Called to Action

    For countless members of the public health profession, human rights and social justice are, as one SPH student puts it, "the reason I decided to go into public health in the first place."