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Alumni News

  • K-zoo River Oil Spill

    K-zoo River Oil Spill

    A new SPH graduate finds herself at the heart of a public health emergency.

  • Voice for the Voiceless

    Voice for the Voiceless

    Because she was born in Liberia and emigrated with her parents to Detroit before she was five years old, and because she attended Cass High School and later the University of Michigan, where she earned her degrees and completed a preventive medicine residency, Monique Reeves, M.D., M.P.H. '10, knows--with a precision most of us lack--how lucky she is.

  • AIDS Surveillance from Go

    AIDS Surveillance from Go

    In order to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS, health officials need to know "who's infected, what the trends are, where there are increases," says SPH's Eve Mokotoff.

  • Diagnosis Cancer

    Diagnosis Cancer

    His own diagnosis, 16 years ago, came "completely out of the blue." Not only did Bob Riter have cancer, he had breast cancer

  • Tending the Spirit

    Tending the Spirit

    Unlike most people, Susan d'Olive Mozena, MHSA '84, likes being in the hospital--so much so that after 31 years as a hospital administrator and health care executive, 12 of them at Detroit Receiving and nearly two as COO of a community hospital in Kentucky, she became a hospital chaplain.

  • USAID at 50

    USAID at 50

    In 1961, John F. Kennedy called for the creation of a new agency aimed at overcoming global poverty, hunger, illness, and injustice

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