Love's Touch | Findings Spring 2013 | University of Michigan School of Public Health

Love's Touch

  • From the Dean

    From the Dean

    The English word "love" is one of the most inadequate words in the entire human lexicon.

  • Healing Powers

    Healing Powers

    As a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, I worked with a group of inmates in the local prison. My friends and family would ask me, "Aren't you scared to work in the prison?"

  • Betting on Love

    Betting on Love

    Over the past couple of decades, medical researchers have started to confirm what writers, poets, and philosophers have known for thousands of years--love heals.

  • Mountains on Her Mind

    Mountains on Her Mind

    When she takes a visitor to see the land her ancestors settled in the early 19th century in Boone County, West Virginia, Maria Gunnoe drives out along a rutted two-lane highway, beneath softly wooded hills and rippling brooks, to the base of a mountain, and points to a small mound at its peak.

  • The Other Side of Paradise

    The Other Side of Paradise

    Fly down to Grenada in the depths of a North American winter, and you can be forgiven for thinking you've landed in a sliver of heaven.

  • Worth a Thousand Words

    Worth a Thousand Words

    Love and art have no business in the world of hard science, some believe.