On the Heights | Findings Spring 2013 | University of Michigan School of Public Health

On the Heights

  • Lobby Day at the Capitol

    Lobby Day at the Capitol

    It was late February, and the weather was the kind that can sap your spirits--gray skies, with snow on the ground and more on its way.

  • Composting at SPH

    Composting at SPH

    Question: If the school's Glass House Café offers compostable utensils, cups, and containers, why is waste from the café going into a landfill and not to a composting facility?

  • Going Glocal

    Going Glocal

    Last fall, U-M SPH welcomed 18 Millennium Promise Program Scholars from Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Big Numbers vs. Little Numbers

    Point/Counterpoint: Big Numbers vs. Little Numbers

    I love big numbers in so many ways. In public health genetics we deeply need to accumulate information on the lived experience of millions of people to best predict what can happen to a single individual.

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    Siobán Harlow, professor of epidemiology, has received a Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award in recognition of her achievements as a mentor of doctoral students