On the Heights - Findings Spring 2014 - U-M SPH

On the Heights

  • Mr. Manners

    Mr. Manners

    What do you do if you're at a business lunch and you drop your napkin? Which way do you pass bread--to your left or your right? How do you hold a glass of white wine?

  • Global Partnerships

    Global Partnerships

    India has many of the biggest public health challenges in the world. Clean water is in short supply, and sanitation is poor. Infant mortality rates are high, and malnutrition is pervasive.

  • Warren Cook Remembered

    Warren Cook Remembered

    At the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Warren Cook Industrial Hygiene Discussional, a focus on threats to the future of the U.S. workforce.

  • Public Health Milestone

    Public Health Milestone

    An estimated eight million lives have been saved in the United States as a result of smoking measures that began 50 years ago this January, when then-U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released the first Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health.

  • SPH Digest

    SPH Digest

    In the final event of the first-ever SPH student competition "Innovation in Action: Solutions to Public Health Challenges," five teams pitched their innovations to the public--and a panel of judges--in March.