Research News - Findings Spring 2014

Research News

  • Depression


    Several years ago, Harold "Woody" Neighbors undertook a qualitative study of depression among black men in four urban settings in the U.S.--Detroit, Raleigh, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

  • Mental Illness

    Mental Illness

    Having previously chaired a 2009 Institute of Medicine committee report on the prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders among young people, former SPH Dean Kenneth Warner has now chaired a second IOM committee study on mental health.

  • Mental Health Care

    Mental Health Care

    Brant Fries began his research odyssey 25 years ago, when he and his team built their first Resident Assessment Instrument, or RAI. That instrument was designed to give nursing homes a "common language" with which to assess the caregiving needs of residents

  • Teen Mental Health

    Teen Mental Health

    Resilience, according to Marc Zimmerman, professor of health behavior and health education, is an idea born out of physics--that a material is resilient to the extent to which it can handle stress.

  • Memory


    Risk disclosure for Alzheimer's is a hot topic--especially in light of the rising prevalence and cost of the disease in the U.S. Scott Roberts is exploring the ethical and practical implications of two types of disclosure for Alzheimer's disease risk factors.

  • Addiction


    A 1994 investigative report developed by Cliff Douglas, director of the U-M Tobacco Research Network, and broadcast by ABC News, provided the first public disclosure that the tobacco industry had long been manipulating the content and delivery of nicotine to cause and perpetuate widespread addiction in tobacco users.