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Research News

  • Influenza in the Tropics

    Influenza in the Tropics

    With pneumonia now the #1 infectious-disease threat to children worldwide--and respiratory diseases a greater threat to kids' health than diarrheal diseases--Aubree Gordon knows her work on seasonal influenza in Nicaragua is urgent.

  • Good Governance, Sound Policy

    Good Governance, Sound Policy

    Having grown up both in England and Wisconsin, Scott Greer learned early on to make cross-cultural comparisons.

  • HIV in Russia: A Growing Epidemic

    HIV in Russia: A Growing Epidemic

    Elizabeth King's attraction to Russia runs deep. As an undergraduate, she majored in Slavic languages and literatures.

  • A New Model for Global Health

    A New Model for Global Health

    Global health requires a keen eye for the greatest needs, and creative solutions to meet those needs.

  • Meaningful Change in India

    Meaningful Change in India

    Although much of Bhramar Mukherjee's research centers around genetic-environmental interactions, a recent project takes a more sociocultural focus.

  • Research Digest

    Research Digest

    Cross-Cultural Comparisons When Shervin Assari first came to the U.S. in 2010 as an international student, he was struck by the country's demographic diversity.