About the Certificate

The Certificate in Global Public Health focuses on public health issues resulting from the globalization of the world's economies, cultures, production systems, transnational policies, and increasingly shared environments.

Upon completion of the SPH Certificate in Global Health students will have acquired experience in a minimum of four of the following competencies:

  • Understand definitions, concepts, and principles of the evolving concept of global health, and the policies and processes that underlie its historic development and contemporary context;
  • Recognize how recent cultural, political-economic, and environmental trends shape health both locally and globally;
  • Effectively utilize the many global health data sets available in the public domain;
  • Characterize local, regional and global patterns of health and disease;
  • Develop appropriate global health interventions (e.g. policies and programs), and evaluate their impact;
  • Demonstrate the capacity to value and promote health equity, human rights, and social and environmental justice