Ph.D. Student Profile

Monika  Doshi

Monika Doshi, M.P.H.

  • Doctoral Pre-Candidate


  • M.P.H., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2006)
  • Certificate in Health and Human Rights, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2006)

Research Interests & Projects

  • Immigration & Health
  • Policy
  • Women's Health
  • Vulnerable/under-served populations
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Stigma & discrimination
  • HIV prevention, treatment, care
  • Public health and human rights
  • Global health
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Intervention development
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Selected Publications

  • Doshi, M., Avery, L., Kaddu, R. P., Gichuhi, M., Gakii, G., du Plessis, E., Dutta, S., Khan, S., Kimani, J., Lorway, R. R. (2017). Contextualizing willingness to participate: recommendations for engagement, recruitment & enrolment of Kenyan MSM in future HIV prevention trials. BMC Public Health, 17, 469.

  • Reza-Paul, S., Lazarus, L., Doshi, M., Hafeez Ur Rahman, S., Ramaiah, M., Maiya, R., Venugopal, M.S., Venukumar, K.T., Sundararaman, S., Becker, M., Moses, S., Lorway, R. (2016). Prioritizing Risk in Preparation for a Demonstration Project: A mixed methods feasibility study of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among female sex workers in South India. PLoS ONE, 11(11): e0166889.

  • Ramanaik, S., McClarty, L.M., Khan, S., Ramesh, B.M., Doshi, M., Becker, M.L., Lorway, R. (2015). Frontline Health Service Providers' Perspectives on HIV Vaccine Trials among Female Sex Workers and Men Who Have Sex with Men in Karnataka, South India. PLoS ONE, 10(10): e0141822.

  • Smith, L.R., Amico, K.R., Shuper, P.A., Christie, S., Fisher, W.A., Cornman, D.H., Doshi, M., MacDonald, S., Pillay, S., Fisher, J.D. for the SA Options Team. (2013). Information, motivation, and behavioral skills for early pre-ART engagement in HIV care among patients entering clinical care in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. AIDS Care, 25 (12): 1485-1490.

  • Becker, M.L., Mishra, S., Satyanarayana, Gurav, K., Doshi, M., Buzdugan, R., Pise, G., Halli, S., Moses, S., Avery, L., Washington, R.G., Blanchard, J.F. (2012). Rates and Determinants of HIV-attributable Mortality among Rural Female Sex Workers in Northern Karnataka, India. Int J STD & AIDS, 23: 36-46.