Ph.D. Student Profile

Elyse J. Thulin, MS

Elyse J. Thulin, MS

  • Doctoral Pre-Candidate


  • MS, Global Health, Duke University, 2016
  • B.A., Psychology and Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, 2013

Research Interests & Projects

  • Gender based violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Youth development
  • Mental health
  • Sexual & reproductive health
  • Global health
  • Health and human rights
  • Women's rights
  • Big data
  • Quantitative methods

Selected Publications

  1. Heinze, J.E., Hsieh, H.F., Thulin, E.J., Howe, K., Miller, A., & Zimmerman, M.A. (2021). Adolescent exposure to violence and adult intimate-partner violence mediated by mental distress. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.
  2. Thulin, E.J., Lustig, A., Perrotte, V., Lwabanya, M., & Evans, T. (2020). Community perceptions of sexual and gender-based violence in South Kivu, eastern DRC. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 
  3. Thulin, E.J., Fleming, P., Kernsmith, P., Smith-Darden, J., & Heinze, J.E. (2020). Adolescent Risk of Dating Violence and Electronic Dating Abuse: A Latent Class Analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
  4. Thulin, E.J., Heinze, J.E., & Zimmerman, M.A. (2020). Adverse adolescent experiences (A-ACES) and risk of adult intimate partner violence. American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
  5. Thulin, E.J., McLean, K.E., Sevalie, S., Akinsulure-Smith, A., Betancourt, T.S. (2020). Mental Health Problems among Children in Sierra Leone: Assessing Cultural Concepts of Distress. Transcultural Psychology Special Issue. * Awarded 2019 Susan B. Meister Award for Best Paper in Child Health Policy 
  6. Thulin, E.J., Heinze, J.E., Kusunoki, Y., Hsieh, H.F., & Zimmerman, M.A. (2020). Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence – a Multi-Level Analysis. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  7. Rupp, L., Zimmerman, M., Sly, K., Reischl, T. M., Thulin, E. J., Wyatt, T., & Stock, J. (Jack) P. (2019). Community Engaged Neighborhood Revitalization and Empowerment: Busy Streets Theory in Action. American Journal of Community Psychology.
  8. Zuillkowski, S.S., Thulin, E.J., McLean, K.E., Rogers, T.M., Akinsulure-Smith, A.M., Betancourt, T.S. (2019). Parenting and discipline in post-conflict Sierra Leone. Child Abuse & Neglect.