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HMP619 Health and the Public Policy Process

  • Graduate level
  • term(s)
  • 3 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Jarman, Holly
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advisory Prerequisites: HMP615
  • Description: This course analyzes the US policy process in relation to US healthcare and public health systems. We explore how conditions within society are framed as problems, how problems are placed on political agendas, how problems get matched with potential solutions, and pay attention to the challenges of implementation and evaluation.
  • Competencies: A6 Understand the policy-making process and the role of politics; assess a problem and identify and compare potential policy solutions; and understand and critically assess methods to evaluate policy impact. -Written assessments -Participation in class discussions -Policy analysis in-class exercises C6 Persuade and convince others, both individuals and groups, to support a point of view, position, or recommendation. -Written assessments -Participation in class discussions -Team-based presentations C7 Understand and learn from governance structures, formal and informal decision-making structures, and power relationships in an organization, industry, or community. -Reading assignments -Written assessments -Participation in class discussions -Team-based presentations Additional competencies A1 Identify appropriate sources and gather information, effectively and efficiently. -Written assessments -Participation in class discussions -Policy analysis in-class exercises -Team-based presentations A2 Appraise literature and data critically. -Reading assignments -Written assessments B1 Speak and write in a clear, logical, and grammatical manner in formal and informal situations; prepare cogent business presentations; facilitate an effective group process. -Written assessments -Participation in class discussions -Team-based presentations C2 Analyze the business, demographic, ethno-cultural, political, and regulatory implications of decisions and develop strategies that continually improve the long-term success and viability of the organization. (with a focus on political and regulatory decisions and their implications) -Reading assignments -Participation in class discussions -Written assessments -Team-based presentations
  • Learning Objectives: Upon completing the class, students will be able to understand the public policy process as it relates to US healthcare and public health systems, and apply that understanding to: -Identify a range of policy alternatives in response to a perceived problem in the healthcare or public health system; -Evaluate policy alternatives using evidence; -Recommend actions based on the evaluation of policy alternatives, and; -Create strategies to communicate and promote a given policy alternative.
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