Ph.D. Student Profile

Sarah D. Rozenblum

Sarah D. Rozenblum, B.A., M.P.A.

  • PhD Candidate (2022)
  • Cognate: Political Science


  • B.A., Political Sciences, Sciences Po Paris, France (2013)
  • M.P.A., Major in Public Law, Minor in Public Health, Sciences Po Paris, France (2015)

Research Interests & Projects

  • Medical Device Regulation
  • Health Information Technologies
  • Comparative Health Law and Politics (EU/USA)

Sarah is currently working on a research project contrasting the American and European medical devices regulation frameworks. She is also investigating health information technology (HiT) politics in Europe and in the US. She is drafting a book chapter looking at the historical evolution of the French health care and public health systems over the last 40 years. Finally, she is updating a book on EU health policies, initially published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in 2014.

Selected Publications

  • Sarah is currently revising a book published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies titled Everything you always wanted to know about European Union health policies but were afraid to ask. First edition published in 2014 (Scott L. Greer, Nick Fahy, Heather A. Elliot, Matthias Wismar, Holly Jarman, Willy Palm).

Book Chapters
  • Rozenblum S., Chapter on the political history of the French healthcare and public health systems. Forthcoming.

  • Rozenblum S., Article on the EU and American medical device regulation frameworks (forthcoming), written with Prof. Holly Jarman.
  • Rozenblum S., Review of Almgren, Gunnar, Health care as a right of citizenship. The continuing evolution of a reform. Columbia University Press, 2017, published in the Revue française des Affaires sociales, 2017-3.
  • Rozenblum S., Review of Bance, Philippe (Dir.), Quel modèle d’Etat stratège en France ? PURH, Collection Economie publique et économie sociale, 2016, 426p., published in the Revue française des Affaires sociales, 2017-2.
  • Rozenblum S., Interview with Sana de Courcelles, in « Mise en place et développement des systèmes de protection sociale en Afrique ». Revue française des affaires sociales, 2018-1.

Additional Information

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