Faculty Innovation

We work with faculty at Michigan Public Health in a number of ways to help facilitate, support and fund their research, teaching and professional development. Here are a few of our approaches:

Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio 

The Innovation Studio (formerly known as Ignition Chamber) at the School of Public Health transforms the research of our faculty into scalable and sustainable ventures with the capacity to change the world. With an interdisciplinary team, the Innovation Studio develops and delivers desirable, viable and feasible public health solutions.

The Innovation Studio is modeled on a film studio, where an interdisciplinary team surrounds a writer’s concept with multi-faceted tools and skills. Similarly, our Innovation Studio exists to surround the research concepts of SPH faculty. The Innovation Studio provides a team of creativity experts to build a scalable and sustainable solution from the ground up, using our innovation framework. This framework ensures a bottom line focused on both the economic sustainability of the venture, as well as improvement in the health of a target community’s social fabric - local, regional, national or global.

Studio Internships on Faculty Research Projects

Trace Root

Each summer, the Innovation Studio launches internships that focus on faculty research conducted at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. This summer the studio will launch three 12-week projects, including those based on research conducted at Michigan Public Health and Michigan Medicine. As collaborative members of an interdisciplinary team, student interns will have the opportunity to engage clients directly and work together through a design process to create ambitious deliverables. This summer the studio is hiring several interns for the following roles:

If you're interested in working with us, please submit your application via this form. Applications are due Sunday, February 25, 2018. Any questions can be sent to Innovation.Studio.Interns@umich.edu

Examples of past projects can be found here: Kai Yu -- Innovation Studio: TraceRoot

Grant Sprints

Grant Sprints

Grant Sprints are a series of two or three half-day workshops in which we facilitate and accelerate the creation of new teams and new proposals. Past participants highlight the advantages of the grant sprint process when working with an interdisciplinary team or one with external co-investigators. Having everyone in the same room surrounded by co-created visuals (and plenty of post-its) eliminates the lag of emails and feedback while fueling the early creative process. We customize the Grant Sprint to your team, need, purpose, and proposal. We welcome participants at any point in the grant writing process where a concentrated dose of effective collaboration can help move you forward. Interested? We will find a time to talk with you about how we might design a grant sprint to address your particular sticking points or dream big about your next curiosity. Get in touch at grant.sprints@umich.edu!

Curriculum Sprints + Development

Curriculum sprints are a take on grant sprints, focused on helping faculty re-design or create public health courses through a facilitated process. Starting Spring, 2018!

Invention Reports

Tech Transfer Process

An Invention Report documents your invention with our U-M Tech Transfer office. Tech Transfer specialists are available to help assess, model, test, and protect your ideas.