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Innovation Studio 

Innovation Summer Studio Internships at the University of Michigan School of Public Health: The Innovation Studio facilitates the design, development, and delivery of innovations that have the capacity to change the world. Each summer, the studio launches an internship in which students are embedded in interdisciplinary teams, and have the opportunity to engage clients directly and work together through a design process to create ambitious deliverables.

For the summer of 2018, the studio is hiring several interns for the following roles:

Please submit your application via this form. Applications are due Sunday, February 25, 2018.
Any questions can be sent to Innovation.Studio.Interns@umich.edu

Project Descriptions: This summer the studio will launch two to three projects. One project involves predictive modeling in electronic health records and its policy implications. Another relates to sustainability and the health costs of agricultural food production vs. the potential nutritional impacts of said production. A third potential project partners with a non-profit health system in as it addresses social determinants of health. Applicants will apply to specific roles, not specific projects.

Project 1: Knowledge to Treatment Optimization Program (KTOP)
Summer Studio interns will help KTOP develop a predictive learning health system that utilizes electronic health records to find and treat at-risk Medicaid recipients. Interns will engage in the discovery process of understanding stakeholders and the ecosystem in which this predictive learning system will live in.

Project 2: Healthy Eating Nutrition Index (HENI)
Summer Studio Interns will partner with nutrition and environmental health science researchers to explore the desirability, market viability, and technical feasibility of moving research into the marketplace by prototyping concepts that effectively capture the pursuit of a more healthful and sustainable food ecology.

Project 3: Stay tuned.

To help you develop a sense of the type of work you would do during your internship we recommend you check out TraceRoot, a past Innovation Studio summer internship project. Intern Kai Yu put together this website that summarizes the process and project. Kai Yu -- Innovation Studio: TraceRoot