Internship Search Strategies & Advice

How to Find a Great Internship

An effective internship search should start by identifying your strengths, skills, interests, and values. By combining these characteristics, you can focus your internship search on the areas that you find most meaningful.

Know YourselfKnow Yourself

Take a moment to reflect on who you are and what is important to you.

  • How do you want to influence the areas you care about?
  • How do your skills, interests, and values intersect?
  • Is it possible to combine these in your work?

Print the self-reflection worksheet and get started.

Next, consider the type of space where you will be the most satisfied.

Know your Work PreferencesKnow Your Work Preferences

When you think about the next stage of your career, consider what your "dream" position might look like.

  • What projects do you enjoy?
  • Why do you like the work environment and culture?
  • What opportunities combine your unique preferences?

Print the work preferences worksheet and begin identifying opportunities that may be a good fit with your skills and interests.

Use Multiple Strategies

Use multiple strategies to locate internships and connect with organizations.

  • Create Your Own: Many students choose to develop their own internship and reach out to organizations, creating a project tailored to their professional interests. Research and contact organizations to initiate talks on possible projects.

  • Network: Look for opportunities to connect with others in your everyday interactions and start building a relationship. Reach out to personal, professional and school-related connections, let them know your interests and learn more about any contacts they can recommend.

  • Schedule Informational Interviews: Learn more about a company or industry by introducing yourself to guest speakers in your classes, SPH alumni and related contacts. Share your interest in their work and use your networking introduction. Ask for an opportunity to talk with them at a later date and explore any possible internships. Get their business card or exchange contact information.

  • Apply Online: Search for posted opportunities utilizing different resources and websites.

Advice for a Successful Search

Build a successful internship search strategy with suggestions from the Career Development Office:


“Nobody cares more about your career than you!  Take initiative and be proactive in taking advantage of numerous programs and services available to you.  Give yourself that competitive edge in your internship search.” 

     -Shelagh Saenz, Director of Career Development


"Attend Employer Information & Networking Sessions to educate yourself about a particular organization or sector.  Increase your visibility to recruiters, and hone your networking skills.”

     - Beverly Lange, Employer Relations Coordinator 

 Krystle Forbes

“Successful internships start with self-reflection. What will make you think of your summer as a successful learning experience? Knowing what you value (work place, responsibilities, location) will guide you as you approach the search and application."

     - Krystle Forbes, Career Coordinator

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