Internship Timeline

Steps to a Successful Search & Experience

Step 1:
Set up your Search Agent
Step 2:
Schedule your Resume Review
Step 3:
Create Goals & Preferences List
Step 4:
Identify References
Step 5:
Build your Network

Login and create an internship search agent on Michigan Public Health Careers.
Application deadlines vary and can be as early as September.Don’t miss a great opportunity! Set Up a Search Agent.

Use the Resume Writing Tutorial as a guide. Then, have your resume reviewed by your advisor or Career Development in Suite 1700, SPH I.Stop in during walk-in hours (W/F 1-4 pm) or Schedule an Individual Appointment.

Complete the Know Yourself and Know Your Work Preferences handouts to start streamlining your search.

Review the References handout for advice on identifying who to list as a professional reference. Some organizations may ask for up to three contacts -- at least one of those is typically a graduate school professor.

Talk to your professors, guest speakers, panelists, and recruiters. Share your interests and internship aspirations.Register for Employer Information Sessions and build your network.

Step 6:
Use Multiple Search Strategies
Step 7:
Create a Cover Letter
Step 8:
Research Funding Opportunities
Step 9:
Follow Departmental Procedures
Step 10:
Register your Internship

When searching for your internship, it is best to use multiple approaches such as networking with faculty, former employers, or applying online.

Some internships may require a cover letter so attend a workshop or make an appointment with Career Development to have it reviewed.Take a look at this Cover Letter Tutorial.

Locate funding options to help cover the costs associated with your internship.Deadlines are typically in February so find out what you need to apply.Check out these funding resources.

Check with your Program Coordinator to see if you have any additional paperwork you need to submit.Make sure you have all of the information you need to register with the internship planning form.

Once you have finalized your internship, register the information on Michigan Public Health Careers.View the How to Register Your Internship Guide.

Additional Information for Internships Abroad