Student Athlete Mental Health

"One in three students experiences significant symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions. Yet only about 30 percent of those students seek help, and that number drops to 10 percent for student-athletes

- Daniel Eisenberg, Associate professor, U-M SPH

To address this rising concern, the U-M School of Public Health, U-M Athletic Department, and Depression Center have partnered on a grant from the NCAA to develop and evaluate a program for supporting mental health initiatives for student-athletes.

Media: Please feel free to contact any of our experts listed on this site to discuss mental illness and its consequences, or contact media strategists Laurel Gnagey, 734-647-1841,; or Terri Mellow, 734-764-8094,


Student Athletes Talk about Mental Health

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Will Heininger: Former U-M Football Player

Kally Fayhee: Former U-M Swimmer


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A number of U-M SPH experts are available to talk with the media about mental health issues:

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