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SPH Faculty Experts for Bioterrorism

Matthew L. BoultonMatthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH

Clinical Associate Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 936-1623 E-mail:

  • served as lead scientist/epidemiologist overseeing communicable disease control, immunization programs, environmental health, and vital records and health statistics for the state of Michigan.     MORE

Arnold S. MontoArnold S. Monto, MD

Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 764-5453 E-mail:

  • can discuss transmission, prevention, mitigation and social response to outbreaks and pandemic planning.     MORE

Rudy RichardsonRudy Richardson, ScD, DABT

Professor of Toxicology in Environmental Health Sciences
Phone: (734) 936-0769 E-mail:

  • Board-certified toxicologist who specializes in chemically induced neurological diseases.     MORE