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SPH Faculty Experts for Statistical models

Michael BoehnkeMichael Boehnke, PhD

Professor in Biostatistics
Phone: (734) 936-1001 E-mail:

  • Research focuses on problems of study design and statistical analysis of human genetic data, with a particular emphasis on development and application of statistical methods for human gene mapping.      MORE

Brenda GillespieBrenda Gillespie, PhD

Assistant Professor in Biostatistics
Phone: 734-647-4609 E-mail:

  • Works on application of statistical regression models to biomedical problems in a variety of areas including glaucoma, STDs, and organ transplant.      MORE

James KoopmanJames Koopman, MD, MPH

Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: 734 763 5629 E-mail:

  • Concerned with all aspects of infectious diseases, but especially the control of infection spread in populations, newly emerging infections like SARS, and vaccines.      MORE

Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor, PhD

Professor in Biostatistics
Phone: (734) 936-3287 E-mail:

  • Works on theory and application of statistics to biomedical problems ranging from AIDS to cancer.     MORE