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Topic: Global health

Sioban D. Harlow Sioban D. Harlow, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 763-5173 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Developed analytical approaches for the analysis of menstrual cycle data.
  • Conducted several studies which couple the maintenance of a menstrual diary over an extended period of time with frequent measurement of risk factors in various population cohorts.
  • Contributed the first study of ethnic differences in the menstrual bleeding charactersitics conducted in the United States.
  • 10-year history of collaboration in reproductive health research in Mexico, where she has helped train a group of reproductive epidemiologists who focus on adverse effects of environmental and occupational exposures.

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SPH Faculty Experts for Global health

Stuart BattermanStuart Batterman, Ph.D., M.S.

Professor in Environmental Health Sciences
Phone: (734) 763-2417 E-mail:

  • Research and teaching interests address environmental impact assessment, human exposure and health risk assessment, and environmental management.     MORE

Sioban D. HarlowSioban D. Harlow, PhD

Associate Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 763-5173 E-mail:

  • Developed analytical approaches for the analysis of menstrual cycle data.     MORE

Andrew JonesAndrew Jones, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Nutritional Sciences
Phone: 734-647-1881 E-mail:

  • Can discuss food safety, security, and policy as well as food systems.     MORE

Mark L. WilsonMark L. Wilson, ScM, ScD

Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 936-0152 E-mail:

  • can discuss disease transmission, global patterns of disease and relationship to human activity.     MORE