Research director of Guatemalan Cancer Institute visits School of Public Health

Dr. Gharzouzi meets with studentsEduardo Gharzouzi, surgical oncologist and research director of Guatemala’s Cancer Institute (INCAN), is visiting the University of Michigan School of Public Health from May 22 to 24, 2017.

“The primary purpose of Dr. Gharzouzi’s visit is to explore possible collaborations and scientific exchanges with the School of Public Health, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and other university researchers,” says Rafael Meza, assistant professor of epidemiology and co-leader of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program.

Dr. Gharzouzi is working with Meza and his team on a study to assess the barriers and facilitators of cervical cancer screening and treatment, which will launch this summer.

In addition, Danielle Knapic and Lynn Metz, epidemiology students at the School of Public Health, will be doing summer internships in Guatemala City, working with Dr. Gharzouzi and his colleagues on recruiting and interviewing cervical cancer patients at INCAN.