U-M School of Public Health Scholarship Stories: Brigette Bucholz

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Brigette Bucholz

SPH Degree Program

M.P.H. in Epidemiology


Wheaton, Illinois

SPH Scholarship

Marvin and Harriet Selin Scholarship: This scholarship provides assistance for students in honor of "Marv," assistant dean for U-M SPH. 

Focus at SPH

Hospital and molecular epidemiology. I get really excited going to the lab. I enjoy the trial and error, the validation you have to go through. There’s a real rush when you find something, and you’re the first person to be seeing this.

Why Public Health

I majored in microbiology as an undergrad but didn’t think medical school was the right fit. Public health seemed like the perfect marriage of science and real-world problem-solving.

How Scholarships Make the Difference

I was able to complete a summer internship with the Infection Control Department at the U-M Health System. The experience gave me a new respect for the Infection Control Department and the way they have to adapt to challenges to ensure patient safety. In a big health system like UMHS, there are so many moving parts and so many people to keep track of, it’s hard to keep a handle on everything. It was humbling to see the complexity of a hospital.

Future Plans

With the big changes in American health care today, and with some of the systemic issues that have to do with the way hospital systems are structured, we need new people who bring a more interdisciplinary perspective—a public health perspective. I’d like to work in a hospital that doesn’t have the resources and infrastructure of UMHS. Whether it’s in a rural or urban setting, I’d like to help bring that kind of hospital closer to the level of UMHS.

Without Scholarship Support

I just wouldn’t be here, and I wouldn’t have had all these fantastic experiences. I am a different person because I went to Michigan.

Best U-M Experience

The 2011 football game against Notre Dame.

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