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Choosing the Right Degree

The University of Michigan School of Public Health offers an online Master of Science (MS) degree and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Population and Health Sciences. Both degrees provide students with a foundational public health education that will allow them to address complex challenges and pursue innovative, lasting solutions to improve the health of communities. While both Population and Health Sciences degrees share several curricular elements, the degrees and their benefits are distinct. Students interested in population health should consider the following program explanations in deciding which degree path is the right fit for them.

Application deadlines for online degrees: The priority deadline to apply for the Fall 2021 cohort is February 15, 2021. The final deadline is June 15, 2021.

“For the Population and Health Sciences degrees, we wanted to make sure that there is a solid core foundation including study in epidemiology, biostatistics, program planning, understanding of the health system, understanding of the environment and of environmental risk and policy, and population health. From there, you basically get to choose your own adventure. In that way, students get both this depth and breadth of knowledge at their disposal.”

- Sharon Kardia, Associate Dean for Education

Master of Public Health (MPH)

The online MPH degree is for students who have an interest in the complex interplay of social, environmental, economic, political, technological, and social justice forces that shape human health globally and locally. Our program emphasizes application of research methods and foundational public health principles to improve population health outcomes.

We welcome learners from varied backgrounds in health professions, health industries, government, and non-government organizations who are looking to advance their career.

**At this time, the online MPH is only open to admitted United States citizens and residents.

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Master of Science (MS)

Our online MS is ideal for individuals interested in learning the science underlying key population health issues, using data to discover root causes, and testing new solutions to big public health problems. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in academia, industry, or research settings. The curriculum emphasizes multidisciplinary training in the public health sciences organized around the importance of critical thinking and its application to major health problems of the 21st Century. This research-oriented program is also an ideal fit for those students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree.

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