MPH Electives

Students have the opportunity to enroll in elective courses that focus on personal and professional areas of interest. Students typically pursue two elective areas of interest.

Variations in this example are possible due to faculty availability and program changes.

Elective I Series (May-October)

Biostatistics I

Course Name Credits Term
BIOSTAT 591 Introduction to R (Biostats) 2 S
BIOSTAT 592 Applied Regression 3 S
BIOSTAT593 Design for Health Studies 1 S
BIOSTAT 594 Applied Generalized Linear Models 3 F
BIOSTAT 595 Applied Longitudinal Analysis Using R 2 F

Environmental Health Sciences 

*in development for 2021

Course Name Credits Term
EHS 590 Exposure Science 3 S
EHS 591 Toxicology and Health 3 S
EHS 592 Occupational and Environmental  Disease 3 F
EHS 593 Risk Assessment for Decision-Making 2 F

Epidemiology I 

Course Name Credits Term
EPID 590 Epidemiological Methods  3 S
EPID 591 Social Epidemiology: From Frameworks to Policy 3 S
EPID 602 Applied Epidemiologic Data Analysis 4 F
EPID 643 Surveillance and Publicly Available Datasets 1 F

Health Behavior & Health Education I

Course Name Credits Term
HBEHED 590 Principles of Community Engagement for Health Promotion 3 S
HBEHED 591 Planning and Implementing Health Promotion Programs 3 S
HBEHED 592 Health Program Evaluation 3 F
HBEHED 593 Theoretical Foundations for Understanding
Psychosocial Determinants of Health
2 F

Nutritional Sciences I

Course Name Credits Term
NUTR 590 Epigenetics and the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 2 S
NUTR 591 Foundations of Maternal and Child Nutrition I 3 S
NUTR 592 Foundations of Maternal and Child Nutrition II 3 F
NUTR 593 Food Security Policy and Programs 3 F

Elective II Series (November-April)

Environmental Health Sciences II

Course Number Name Credits Term
EHS 672 Healthy and Sustainable Food and Products - Life Cycle Assessment 3 F
EHS 594 Urban and Global Environments and Health 2 W
EHS 595 Water for Health 2 W
EHS 596 Climate Change and Health 2 W
EHS 597 Environmental Health Management and Policy 2 W

Epidemiology II

Course Number Name Credits Term
EPID 592 Introduction to Spatial Epidemiology and GIS for Public Health 4 F
EPID 593 Introduction to R (Epidemiology) 2 W
EPID 594 Key Concepts in Spatial Analysis 2 W
EPID 595 Applied Spatial Modeling  3 W

Health Behavior & Health Education II

Course Number Name Credits Term
HBEHED 620 Behavioral Research Methods in Public Health 3 F
HBEHED 595 Motivational Interviewing 3 W
HBEHED 596 Survey Research Methods 2 W
HBEHED 597 Clear Health Communication 3 W

Health Management & Policy I

Course Number Name Credits Term
HMP 603 Organization and Management of Healthcare Systems 2 F
HMP 654 Operations Research and Control Systems 2 F
HMP 608 Healthcare Financial Accounting 2 W
HMP 606 Managerial Accounting for Healthcare Administrators 2 W
HMP 607 Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators 3 W

Nutritional Sciences II

*in development for 2021

Course Number Name Credits Term
NUTR 594 Molecular Nutrition 3 F
NUTR 595 Nutrition and Genetic Epidemiology 3 W
NUTR 596 The Omics Era and Personalized Nutrition 2 W
NUTR 597 Approaches to Precision Nutrition 3 W