Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the online MPH in Population and Health Sciences complete 42 credit hours. The program consists of core classes, a course in the concentration of population and health sciences, electives, and an applied practice and integrative experience. Students can complete the program in five semesters.  Learn more about the core curriculum and elective options.

MPH Core Courses (16 credits)

Population and Health Sciences (3 credits)

Electives (19-22 credits)

  • Over 40 elective courses are available to choose from, all of which can be taken in conjunction with related courses in within the six elective series offered to provide expertise in specific areas of interest. Students will typically choose 2 elective series paths during their degree program. See full list of currently offered elective courses in the Electives page.

Applied Practice and Integrative Experience (4 credits)

  •  Applied Practice and Integrative Experience (2 cr Fall + 2 cr Winter):  A key element of the MPH will be an integrated applied practice experience and culminating capstone (4 credits), which gives students exposure to the practical demands of working in the public health field and requires the integration of knowledge with skills and the application of competencies in practice. The applied practice experience can occur in any term of the second year and the practice activity/project is flexible in order to meet students’ interests in public health.