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As we look back on 2019, we reflect on the people who have advanced our collective pursuit of a healthier, more equitable world for all. Their stories and their work collected here help tell the story of our year.

We Are Difference-Makers

This intersection of public health and mental health is so full of possibilities, and the data continues to back up our optimism. It’s a privilege to be in an area that’s so broadly relevant in populations and cross-cutting across perspectives and disciplines.

—Daniel Eisenberg, S. J. Axelrod Collegiate Professor of Health Management and Policy

Macro image of a flu virus
One step closer to a universal flu vaccine
Rachel speaking
You hear "opioid epidemic," she sees the people behind the data
woman lookin at pill bottle in medicine cabinet
How we can make prescription drugs more affordable
Stephen in the family's pizza kitchen with his father
Statistics served with love—finding solutions to unmet needs

We Are Go-Getters

It's a misconception that making an impact comes after a graduation. Through my extracurriculars I learned the complete opposite is true—we students have an extremely powerful voice and do not have to wait to start making change.

—Narmeen Rehman, BA '19

PHAST members boarding plane to the U.S. Virgin Islands
Supporting hurricane recovery efforts in the Virgin Islands
elaney serves in the field with the 180th Fighter Wing Ohio National Guard
A military medic aims high as part of an online education vanguard
construction worker on rooftop
Students created conversations around public health with a wide spectrum of thought leadership
Lello Guluma speaking at the 2019 Michigan Public Health Graduation Ceremony
"Public health is me: a first-generation girl from a family of immigrants"

We Are Explorers

My mom is a cancer survivor and is still with us—and she is a big reason I became interested in public health and in cancer research in general. Thinking about all the things we don't know and then beginning to explore answers in the lab really appeals to me. There's so much creative work, creative energy, that goes into scientific work.

—Evan Hill, PhD student

Pahriya Ashrap
"I always want helping people to be at the center of my life"
Katherine Hoffman
Finding balance in biostatistics
Griffith Leadership Center Advisory Board member Chris Allen connects with Michigan Public Health alumnus Vaughn Williams and current Health Management and Policy student John Rhodes.
Disruption and innovation in health care
Carmelita Perrien
"Death got me interested in health, but life inspires me to pursue public health"

We Are Collaborators

Public health is a people-first field, and it takes a diverse set of perspectives and skill sets to work at its highest level. To deliver on our mission, we must work together and put people first—the communities we serve, the students we train, and the colleagues with whom we partner.

—F. DuBois Bowman, Dean of the School of Public Health

Apple Watch and iphone
Partnering with Apple to study how noise exposure impacts hearing
Children sitting in the back of a classroom
"We've assembled a great team to reduce violence for our nation's youth"
Person checking their blood sugar
Massive sequencing study links rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes
map of the United States reflecting tobacco ages by state
Raising the tobacco purchase age to prevent thousands of deaths in Michigan

We Are Innovators

In 2019, we launched the Population Healthy podcast, a series that explores factors affecting the lives of all of us at a population level. Each episode brings together experts to discuss population health issues from a variety of perspectives—from the microscopic to the macroeconomic, the social to the environmental. We also launched the Population Healthy newsletter, a biweekly email that keeps you current on the latest research and other news from Michigan Public Health.

Population Healthy Podcast

Listen to "Invisible Impact: How Vaccines Seem to Make Diseases Disappear" on Spreaker.

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We Are Communicators

In 2019, we produced a variety of videos that help the general public understand the field of public health and share stories of people in our community who are passionate about engaging the public and improving health outcomes for all.

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